Research Meeting at the University of Erlangen

The second meeting of the Meat.Up.Ffire Research Project will take place at the University of Erlangen, Germany, on the 15th and the 16th of November.

As it has been planned, these meetings will always have a first closed door section for the research members and a second section composed of a Open Workshop to which anyone can take place.

Therefore, on the first day, during the Internal Meeting all the members of the research team will debate on the project activities and its provisional results. After a welcoming speech of professor Michael Whittall, from the hosting university, the Project Manager professor Piera Campanella, from the University of Urbino, will present the agenda of the forthcoming activities. An in-depth discussion about Work Packages activities and methodology will follow.

In the second day, the first Open Workshop with the Local Policy Platforms will take place. Local Policy Platforms are composed by relevant local, regional and national stakeholders taking part to the event willing to support the project in terms of dissemination of the activities and results, as well as direct beneficiaries of the action. In these occasions partners will search for a privileged dialogue with the policy makers and the associations representing the various stakeholders of the pork value chain. The team from the University of Urbino will give a general presentation of the Meat.Up.Ffire Project, while the researchers of the University of Erlangen will hold a presentation of the German Report on the Work Package 2, which consists of a stream of activities dedicated to set the research methodology.

Later, some focuses will be given on specific issues related to Germany (for example minimum wage, transnational posting of workers), to improve the knowledge of the international research on the national economic situation and its relations to the pork value chain and to have a better chance to involve and interact with the local stakeholders.

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