Report on the Erlangen Meeting

After the Kick off meeting in Urbino, the team of the Meat.up.Ffire Project held a two days meeting in Erlangen at the University of Friedrich-Alexander. The partners discussed the first outputs of the research activity, as well as some practical issues on how to better carry on the project, and they attended the open local policy platform too.

On the first day of meeting, after 5 presentations and a rich debate on the national reports about the Italian, Belgian, German, Danish and Polish structural characteristics and labour market in the pork value chain, the Italian team briefed the audience on how to approach the next step of the research activity (the analysis of the role of the industrial relations in the sector). Afterwards, the new website of the Project has been launched with the goal to spread information about the Project and to shed light on the issues related to the pork value chain.

On the second day, the team attended the local policy platform which was mainly dedicated to a very inspiring presentation on Fair Mobilität Project whose main goal is to provide information on labour rights, minimum working conditions, and health and safety at work, and more broadly to support the “mobile workers” in Germany.

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