Meeting agenda in Lodz (18 th -19 th June 2019)

Tuesday, June 18 th – Internal meeting
9.30 Welcome address – University of Lodz
9.45 Presentation of the Agenda – University of Urbino, Piera Campanella
10.00 Presentations about the European framework and comparison analysis of the industrial relations’
role in each partner country in the pork value chain – University of Urbino, Giulio Centamore
10.45 Open discussion about the conclusion of the Report Wp3
13.00 Light lunch
14.00 Mid-term discussion about the selected case studies: first insight
15.00 Discussion on the publishing
16.00 Planning about the final conference
16.30 Communication and administration section
17.00 Introduction to a new Project proposal for call 2020 – University of Copenaghen, Steen Erik
17.30 Conclusion

Wednesday, June 19 th – Open workshop with local policy platform
8.00: Presentation of the Project Meat-Up Ffire – Piera Campanella (University of Urbino)
8.15: Presentation of a social dialogue and collective labour law experience – Barbara Surdykowska
(NSZZ Solidarność – The Independent and Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarność)
09.00: Open discussion
10.00: End of the workshop

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