Hasselt workshop

The team of the Meat-up Ffire Project held a meeting in Belgium at the University of Hasselt.

Thursday, April 4th – Open workshop with local policy platform

9.00: Presentation of the Project Meat-Up Ffire – Piera Campanella (University of Urbino)

9.15: Presentation of a case study regarding chicken processing plants – Anne Theunissen (SEIN – University of Hasselt)

9.45: Structural characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the European pork value chain – Daniela Freddi (IRES Emilia-Romagna)

10.05: Coffee break

10.15: The European meat industry from a European trade union perspective – Estelle Brentnall (EFFAT)

10.35: Experiences in the Belgian meat industry – Marco Rocca (CNRS – University of Hasselt)

11.00: Open discussion

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