An important step closer to a fairer food chain for everyone

Members of the European Parliament strongly voted in favour of promoting a fair food supply chain, delivering on their promise to #CutTheUnfair.

The signatories welcome this historic vote for banning unfair trading practices in the food value chain.  This action will improve the trading conditions for the 11 million farmers and 293,000 producers in Europe, as well as for many more suppliers outside the EU, when selling their products on the European market.

The Directive brings more certainty and clarity to those buying and selling agri-food products across the chain. By providing a minimum harmonisation level across the EU, policy-makers achieved a significant step in the fight against unfair trading practices in the food supply chain.

Once the file is adopted by the Council, it will be time for member states to focus on the transposition and implementation of the legislation and the enforcement of the rules. The European Commission, Member States and Members of the European Parliament should now renew their efforts to ensure that the provisions of the Directive are transposed as soon as possible and in the spirit of the Directive.


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