University of Copenhagen – FAOS

University of Copenhagen is one of the largest institutions of research and education in the Nordic countries. It provides over 200 programmes for study in health and medical sciences, humanities, law, science, social sciences, and theology.

The University is divided into six faculties and is also home to a number of centres, among which FAOS – Employment Relations Research Centre – is a research centre at the Department of Sociology.

Since its formation, FAOS has focused on studies of the labour market, industrial relations and, in recent years, employment relations, applying Danish, Nordic and European perspectives.

FAOS aims at:

– adding to the existing fund of basic knowledge of employment relations, thus extending our understanding of the complex pattern of development currently taking place on Europe’s labour markets;

– working in close association with related research environments in Denmark and other countries;

– contributing to the training of PhD-students;

– publishing research results and to maintain a dialogue with the labour market parties and with administrative/political institutions.

FAOS is also a national centre under the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO).