University of Hasselt – UHASSELT

Izabela Buchowicz
Warsaw School of Economics – SGH

Hasselt University is a young, independent and innovative university. The overall objective is to combine academic excellence with economic and social relevance.

Academic and scientific freedom, social engagement and attention for ethical standards are the basic principles of Hasselt University’s research and education policy, which also pays a lot of attention to the creation of equal opportunities for women and men in research.

Hasselt University is listed in the top 500 of best universities worldwide. It is a research-oriented university (high amount of external research income, of research publications, of number of interdisciplinary publications) with specific strengths in maintaining durable collaborations with industrial partners (high amount of income from private sources), offering a strong international learning and working environment for students and staff (high student mobility, amount of international academic staff and international joint publications), and sustaining a solid regional involvement (high amount of  regional joint publications and of income from regional sources).