Meat Up Ffire in Warsaw, the Agenda

Wednesday, September 25 th – Internal meeting
9.30 Welcome address – Prof. Jacek Prokop, the Vice Rector for International Cooperation of the
Warsaw School of Economics
9.45 Presentation of the Agenda – University of Urbino
10.00 Presentation about the national case studies (one for each country partner) (Wp4)
11.20 Open discussion (about the case studies)
12.00 Presentation and open discussion about recommendations
14.30 Publishing
15.30 Final conference
16.00 Communication and administration
17.00 Conclusion

Thursday, September 26 th – Open workshop with local policy platform
8.30: Presentation of Meatupffire Project – University of Urbino
8.45: Związek Polskie Mięso – Polish Meat Union
9.15: Stowarzyszenie Rzeźników i Wędliniarzy RP – Association of Butchers and Sausage makers of
09.45: A representative of large-scale shops sector like Tesco – Lewiatan employers confederation
10.15: Open discussion
End of the workshop

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