Steen E. Navrbjerg

  • TaskScientific and Steering Committee Member / Scientific and Country Principal Investigator

Steen E. Navrbjerg is employed at FAOS (Employment Relations Research Centre) at department of Sociology and part of the research group Knowledge, Organisation and Politics.

His current research includes:

– Analysis of multinationals companies employment practices and value chains and their impact on national labor market models, including the international research network INTREPID (Employment Practices of Multinationals in Organizational Context – in cooperation with research groups from 8 countries).

– The relations between employers and employees at workplace level, including longitudinal studies of employee representatives worklife and role as mediator at the work place (TR-survey 1998 and TR-survey 2010). Both projects employed responses from 8,000 LO shop stewards to analyze shop stewards working conditions and cooperation at work place level. They 2010 survey included responses from some 1,600 employers and as well as 1,475 rank and file colleagues and 225 local unions.

– The significance of alternative unions and disorganized labour for trade union forces, particularly at work place level.

– Analysis of employers organizations in Denmark, including their various functions in relation to the Danish labor market model.